Required print data

Required print data


file format

For the printing of promotional material we need a vectorized PDF, EPS or TIF files (No DCS EPS).

Contained therein colored pixel images should be saved (maximum quality) as CMYK EPS with JPEG compression, fonts must be converted into paths / curves and embedded images.

In addition, the font size, please do not under 6 pt (positive) and 8 pt (negative). Otherwise readability is not guaranteed and may the writings run in printing.

In .tif files can not contain additional (alpha) channels.

The data acquisition of EPS, PDF and TIF files is free. If another data format are delivered, we charge 10,00 Euro per design for the convert.

In addition incurred proofreading or pressure-induced changes in the workload is calculated by time.

For the creation of a vectorized file Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand, CorelDRAW, Inkscape be used.


For optimum playback of pixel images at a minimum resolution of 72 dpi at 1: 1 is necessary.

color adjustment

Put on all colors in the CMYK color mode.

Photoshop working color space is Euro standard Uncoated. No spot colors. Embedded customized ICC profiles can be considered only on request.

The most valid color system Pantone of special colors that are composed numbered and not be achieved by the mixing ratio of the four-color printing. For orientation, you can use our Pantone color chart. A mandatory color information you can only get with a Pantone subjects.

Spot colors can not be printed. They are assembled in the CMYK color mode. Some spot colors can be simulated better some worse or no (light colors ...).

We provide the colors an as accurate as possible. Depending on the medium and finish variations may occur-your color printing or color according to HKS, Pantone or PAL. These are expressly not considered a defect and not for complaint


If you are unsure whether your information may be used or the fear cherish the immediate will print it, you can now breathe relieved. We examine the data in advance and before anything is printed to receive a binding print preview, also called proof. In this document you will see the exact placement of your advertising in the promotional products and color. First, if your individual promotional items will be releasing these printed, engraved.

Delivery of print data

Please send us your printing data to The file name should include the order number and the item number. These are detailed in the order confirmation. Here is an example: Contract No .: 702-001703 and SKU 144-001145-0111> print file as in .zip format 702-001703_144-001145-0111


For questions please contact us at any time.


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